Dec. 12th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Wow, the IBM PC has got 30 this year! I was aware of the event, but missed it... Really, I still have those old PCW issues. It is sometimes funny to flip through them seeing that old stuff ;-) I wish I could get more of them, but they are sold nowhere :-(
Still I wonder why the IBM PC has become the most prevalent on this planet.There were many types of computers: Amiga, Spectrum, etc... Probably the IBM engineers had just analysed those Achilles heels of their opponents thoroughly,IMO. For example, I've never seen a Spectrum in reality, but I wonder whether it was possible to assemble it using different vendors' hardware. And I know nothing of the OS. Right now they're non-existent, though, so we mainly can't check the fact ;-)
So today there are, IMHO, only two types of computers. They're the IBM PC and the Mac. BTW, I've never seen a Mac either, and don't think I'll ever need it. ;-) I haven't even checked out a Linux properly( the only version I've got is an ASP), so why get useless things?
Sadly, Ritchie has died. The man who has really influenced the IT world is gone.


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