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As I thought, the BIOS of the board was not up-to-date and it couldn't work with large HDDs. The most recent version was of 03/15/2003. As I know, this is the version that can recognise large drives as it was released in 2003, so I applied it and made all the stuff work. But my two HDDs didn't want to work being connected via the same IDE cable ( I don't use SATA drives in my desktop). Luckily, I have an extra IDE controller to use. I bought it 5 years ago just in time, he he ;-) So it was able to recognise my DVD, thus allowing me to connect my drives up into different IDE ports. That turned out to be a right configuration, and so far I've encountered no disk errors. Also, I still have one port to connect two last remaining drives up to it as I still need Linux and Windows ME.

I've only got to attach some cooling system to the video card as its temperature skyrocketed to around 170F and I immediately switched the entire system off... That is my only VIVO card :-(

Well, so far there have happened no disk errors, at least!
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I've decided not to upgrade one of my computers anymore, so I've bought a backup mobo for it (GA-6VTXE by Gigabyte). It's an old thing that supports Tualatins. It's not a lemon! And as I write up programs sometimes, I don't think I need two high-end PCs, though. If I need to execute something recent, I can always use the other high-end PC...really, why have two then?

My previous motherboard was slightly damaged by me when I was trying to set up a cooler :-( So now I have the new one, which is the same. I've just got to find out whether I have to flash it or not as I have large HDDs....
BTW, I've totally fixed the Wi-Fi network. It was the power supply that was causing the trouble!!! HA!
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where are you? I've been poking round the shops to find you for MONTHS! Just really need one to download the data about my outback friend(I love her) from my old mobile into the new smartphone!!! As the IRDA port of the old one is broken down and there's no Bluetooth embedded either, I've really got to find you at last!!! Well, I may need to use the cable in the future anyway, as not every mobile has the modern stuff :-(
Well, I'm relatively glad that I have fixed my computer at last. I might need to attach an extra fan to somewhere in the case, as it's hottish in my room - it's thirty above zero! Maintaining three PCs ain't easy, though. What if I start to work keeping up tens of computers which will be networked accordingly!? Wow! But that's the work experience I need.
Anyway, it's weekend and I'm going to search the shops again for the cable I need. Unfortunately, they offer only USB cables and I have plenty of those. Oh, and I really need to do something with the UTP cables that are lying around the floor. I even coulda tripped over them once. I think I'll fit them into the wardrobe ASAP. It's already nearly full of mobos and videocards and power supplies, though. So much stuff. Maybe I'd sell something? But who will buy them - they're obsolete.
Well, anyway, there's much to do today!


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:40 pm
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I've finally fixed my computer. It was a virus(Trojan.W32). My thanks to the Windows community.
I should have really installed the newest version of the antivirus I've been using all the time!!! Now I've got the newest one and hope no viruses will ever trouble me.
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The 3DMark 05 result of my new video card is 8110... Well, I dunno whether it's high enough, because I haven't overclocked it yet ( it had been overclocked by Foxconn, though, AFAIK). I actually dunno what my card is capable of. I think I need to test it again in 3DMark 06 because that's a newer test. I saw the pictures and was disappointed - they actually didn't change anything, they only changed some settings! Hmm...

Oh, after working for a week my computer started to pop up messages like "This is not Win32 valid application". But I can start up Doom 3 and other games for some reason while I can't install a new firewall into my system! How weird it is! And what's that all about? They say I need to switch over to Windows ME because that error is quite widespread, but I don't want to -I won't be able to start up most of the modern stuff if I do, and most video cards have only Windows XP/Vista drivers, so this option is quite unrealisable anyway... I dunno what to do, maybe someone can help? I don't want to shred my OS because I'll lose all my personal stuff and settings if I do... Windows XP is reliable enough anyway, I don't want to re-install it thus having destroyed all my settings. There must be some way out!
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I ain't posted for nearly a month... Wow.
Finally I've replaced the broken video card with a new one! It's a miracle - my stuff ain't buggy any longer! It never stops working during networking(oh, what a weird sentence ;-)) Sounds good :-) !!! Now I'm testing my new GeForce 9600GT by Foxconn. Want to run 3D Mark 06 for a while to get a result so that I could check it out and compare it to the results of my previous GeForce 7800GS by Leadtek.
Oh, this is the first PCI Express card I've ever bought. Luckily, I have both AGP and PCI interfaces on the mobo, so I didn't have to buy a new one along with the video card... Hope it won't break down. I really need to have the PC working properly so that I could read my mailbox, talk over Skype and MSN and post most things into my LJ.
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At last I've got it... the old one produced squeaking whenever I started CoD 2 , for example...and I did get the BSOD many times... It was a 400W power supply , marked as "Golden Power"... Maybe it's suitable for an office computer , but not for my configuration (I have the following stuff:Intel E4400/2GB/380GB+400GB/Leadtek GeForce 7800GS 256MB GDDR3/DVD Nec 4571...oh, two case fans in addition to a CPU fan and a video fan)... Probably the old power supply had even been damaged, I think so, at least, because I even had to replace the old socket due to a power failure... Now I have a 500W power supply by Thermaltake.

Anyway, I still experience the following problems when working on my current config:
When I try to send a big file over the network working under my Windows XP(and whenever I make my HDD work very long), it just stops working in a few minutes. I see the pointer of the mouse and the desktop, but the stuff doesn't respond, so I have to restart the stuff... The same thing happens whenever I talk to someone over Skype - in a while they say they can't hear me and it just drops. Other network computers never experience that, so I figure it might be an HDD problem (my current computer used to start up very slowly till I plugged the primary hard disc cable into a different IDE connector ( thus, my DVD drive and my HDD both have got to be on different ports now). But I still can't talk over a webcamera, nor can I talk over a mike, and I can't send anything like a sizable video or something over my network...

What do I do?
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Looks like my printer is way too obsolete! I went to a local shop to buy printing cartridges for it, but I had to buy a new printer instead... Now it's HP Deskjet 2460. The resolution is much higher (4800x1200 to 600x600), so the pictures that I printed out were so sharp. Two cartridges were bundled (I have to buy a photo one separately). I have printed some Google maps ( some people asked me to).

I have also purchased two rechargeable batteries. I am really tired of buying new alkaline ones for each remote(I did buy a charger last year, though), so I'll buy new Ni-MH ones soon... Am going to grab a new surge protector in the evening because I really don't like these multufunctional socket adapters... Hope it'll work out for me. The protector is rather cheap, so I won't suffer from spending much cash... ;-)

Getting down to studying again. :-( I got up unusually early today, and that's weird.


Apr. 19th, 2008 10:46 am
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Damn these batteries! When I need them, they're always flat!!! When I even don't think of them, they are always fully charged!!! It's some sort of law, I suppose... ;-)
I was clever enough to buy a charger last year, though. In the past I used to charge them up from my computer - I would leave it on all night. I wonder how much energy was wasted. It was so irrational of me. :-\ However, I did come up to the computer to work on it from time to time. ;-)


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