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I'm much better today. No coughing, at least... The temperature is gone, and that's cool! I haven't had a fever for around 11 years, though, I knew it wouldn't develop into something really troublesome anyway, but it did cause some trouble for me as I sneezed and coughed nearly every hour yesterday... Getting down to business anyway. I'm going shopping in a while...gotta buy rolls and buns and some tea to make it afterwards. Then after I've had my meals(I'm not full yet), I'll get back to studying again...
I have put a video of the national anthem on and am trying to sing along... :-) It's quite funny :-)
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Looks like I should study maths, not physics, because I've found out that my forthcoming exams will be mostly about maths... So I'm slightly reversing my studying trend. Of course I'm not going to stop studying physics and programming... But I shouldn't forget how to solve math problems either.
Besides, I've recently discovered a new type of food: rolls and buns! Rolls with jam filling are awesome to eat :-)
I'm eating now and listening to a soundtrack of Simcity 3000. I heard it in the year 1999 for the first time. These soundtracks remind me of my previous life...

Too much

Mar. 21st, 2008 03:32 am
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Looks like I have eaten too much... I want to have a lie down. Next I won't eat up that much... Besides, the oil wasn't fresh, I suppose, so this added to the stuff...


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