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A weird meeting

- Claire! – Tess called out of the shed. – Help me move it, it is pretty heavy!

No one said anything in reply.

- Claire! This thing is really heavy!

Nobody said anything again.

- Claire!

Tess looked out and saw that no one was around. It was rather hot, and though she didn’t want to get out of the shadow, she stormed off to the house to investigate.

She opened the door and got in. It was alright in the kitchen and in all the other rooms as she checked each one of them.

- Oh, they were in, where did they go? They should have warned me somehow!

Tess sank into an old rocking chair which they found some time ago poking around. Rocking, she got to the table to drink down the juice that was on it. Having taken it, she started to drink it fast. No wonder – it was so hot!

“Where did they go so fast?” – Tess kept thinking to herself. “Why hadn’t they warned me before they left? Don’t they like me after my coming here? Am I that bad?”

Suddenly a shrill noise distracted her. She put the cup onto the table and got up to see who was bothering her being out there. Tess got out of the house and looked around. But no one was outside.

- What is going on! – she exclaimed.
- Nothing, - a man’s voice made her turn around.
- Who are you? What are you doing here?
- I heard you had run in debts or something. I thought I’d come round ‘n see my next buy, - he replied rudely, ignoring the first question.
- Your BUY?
- Yep… I’m going to buy up this stuff, and I’ve got the money to. I came up and saw no one around but you, so can we discuss the matter, PLEASE? – he roughly accented the last word, speaking hoarsely.
- Oh, well… You know, I’m not the owner.
- Then where is the owner, lady? – the man got closer. – I like the stuff and want
to purchase it.

Tess didn’t know what to do. The man looked as if he was going to punch her or something. She didn’t want to speak to him at all. She turned around and tried to go away. Suddenly the man whistled.

- Oh, got afraid of me. Well… I hadn’t wanted to frighten you at all, I had just wanted to see the owner.

- Then you better come round some time late! – Tess blurted out. – Claire will be back soon, she will answer all your questions!

- Claire? Well… that’s what I’ve been expecting.

- What are you talking about?

- She owes me something… Something!!! HA!

The man then started to laugh. Tess couldn’t go away. It was rather strange : he came here and talked to her while he had wanted to see her sister. She didn’t know what to do, she was just standing there.

The man suddently stopped laughing and Tess saw a car which she hadn’t spotted before because of her being too scared. He shouted very loudly:

- If Claire doesn’t want to sell all the stuff, get ready for trouble!!! Big trouble!!! See ya!!!

Tess got frightened to the core. She ran in and slammed the door shut. She decided to wait for Claire to turn up so that she could tell her about the type. She was so scared that she didn’t even want to check if the stranger is still there or not. She decided to go upstairs so that she could see much further from the upper floor.

When she got upstairs and looked through a window, she saw the man’s car going away from the farm. She felt so happy. She sagged onto the bed; her heart was pounding. She was idle for a while when she heard someone open the door. She heard Meg and Claire’s voices and rushed downstairs at once.

- What happened, Tess? – Meg exclaimed, seeing that Tess was dishevelled and frightened.
- What happened? – Claire exclaimed too. – We got someone had broken in seeing the car go away. And you are not all right either. What does that mean???

Tess started to tell them all about what had taken place and Claire listened very attentively. When Tess finished her narration, Claire waited a minute and pronounced:

- So he’s found me…
- Who? – Tess inquired.
- Well, long story anyway, but I wish the type turned out to be not who I think he is.
- Can you tell me what’s going on? First you all left without warning me, then I nearly had to fend off that guy while he threatened me… What’s the matter…?

To be continued…

MY fanfic

Jan. 1st, 2009 03:32 am
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Oh, finally I've recovered (I wasn't even able to WALK, by the way!). The temperature is still around 38, though. But I really CAN walk!!!

So, here's time to post.
This is part 1 of the fanfic. I wish it could be longer. I'll write the rest later. Not that I don't want to write - I just have to study and have little free time :-(

UPD : I do not keep strictly to the series ;-)


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