I'm Back!

Feb. 18th, 2016 07:25 am
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I'm finally back. I'm all into C, C++, C#, etc... (I've already managed to forget something, unintentionally, but anyway!!!). Oh, I veeery much hope I'll restore data from an old desktop, though(that's a long story).

And I personally hope the person whom I talked to over Skype for hours will be back.

DHCP is on!

Jul. 8th, 2012 10:02 pm
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Finally! No manual IP assigning anymore! I've finally managed to get around to that!
Shame on me ;-)


Feb. 20th, 2012 07:20 am
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I was about to buy two Wi-Fi cards that support Windows 95 (I often experiment with old systems installing them onto desktop computers). I opened the site and found out they had got sold
:-((( They were the only ones I was able to find to work in Windows 95/98 (most new cards are made for Windows 7). I'd also like to get them to test them out in Linux. Gonna keep on waiting till they get on sale again.

New router

Dec. 13th, 2011 12:15 pm
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Unfortunately, the old router is really not able to provide Wi-Fi coverage for all the apartment. The antenna is irreplaceable, so a new one was bought. Now it's alright... Luckily, no additional configuring is needed :-)


Dec. 12th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Wow, the IBM PC has got 30 this year! I was aware of the event, but missed it... Really, I still have those old PCW issues. It is sometimes funny to flip through them seeing that old stuff ;-) I wish I could get more of them, but they are sold nowhere :-(
Still I wonder why the IBM PC has become the most prevalent on this planet.There were many types of computers: Amiga, Spectrum, etc... Probably the IBM engineers had just analysed those Achilles heels of their opponents thoroughly,IMO. For example, I've never seen a Spectrum in reality, but I wonder whether it was possible to assemble it using different vendors' hardware. And I know nothing of the OS. Right now they're non-existent, though, so we mainly can't check the fact ;-)
So today there are, IMHO, only two types of computers. They're the IBM PC and the Mac. BTW, I've never seen a Mac either, and don't think I'll ever need it. ;-) I haven't even checked out a Linux properly( the only version I've got is an ASP), so why get useless things?
Sadly, Ritchie has died. The man who has really influenced the IT world is gone.
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The FDD I use (I still use an FDD!!! WOW!!!) says my diskettes ain't formatted although I clearly know that they are!!!
Another FDD can read them... So maybe this new motherboard is also broken??? ;-) Well, I have a different one and I figure I'll test it out later.
I wish they would get rid of the 32GB limitation bug... There are no new firmware updates for such old products, though :-(((


Dec. 30th, 2010 08:13 am
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My mobo has broken down. I've hung it on a wall as if it were a picture and am currently looking at it :-| It even smells smoke and is a little burnt to the right of its USB port connector.
Damn :-( I wish I could really get a new one because this board is old (FCPGA2). Enough to program using C/C++/Assembler, though :-)

New router

Dec. 25th, 2010 03:48 am
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Looks like I'll have to get a new router. I have already selected one, though :-) It will probably be an Asus. Luckily, it's cheap...
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I've finally found out why the router went boo boo!!!! :-)))))


Dec. 20th, 2010 03:24 am
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The mobo I bought doesn't recognise my HDD. It's way too large!!! Well, looks like I need a new one. Luckily, they're cheap!
Qatar is to hold the World Cup 2022 :-((((( Why did Australia lose???? What's the main difference between the bids??? The Aussie presentation rocks, IMO.
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My home network has entirely gone wireless. Although the speed is not as high as that of the fast Ethernet network, it works pretty well anyway. I used to have a really big coil of UTP cables under the desk! Of course I haven't thrown it away because I might need to use it later someplace.
The only thing left to do is installing Linux onto two different partitions. I want to install Ubuntu and Mandriva.
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So I have decided to install two Linux OS, namely Mandriva and Ubuntu. I think I'll have a new HDD in a few days... or may be in a few weeks, though. Of course, I do NOT want to change the size of the partitions on my current drive! No way! And the drive I want to modify is too small (80GB), so why not replace it with a new one and use the old one for Linux experiments... It's ideal.
Oh, I still haven't bought a fan for my old video card! :-(

So there are Germany, Serbia and Ghana. It could have been much worse!
I've got a T of the Socceroos already and I've pinned it up on a wall of the room.
It would be sooo nice to see Australia win the tournament... I hate Italy. I remember their "win" in the quarters, if I'm not mistaken!

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As I thought, the BIOS of the board was not up-to-date and it couldn't work with large HDDs. The most recent version was of 03/15/2003. As I know, this is the version that can recognise large drives as it was released in 2003, so I applied it and made all the stuff work. But my two HDDs didn't want to work being connected via the same IDE cable ( I don't use SATA drives in my desktop). Luckily, I have an extra IDE controller to use. I bought it 5 years ago just in time, he he ;-) So it was able to recognise my DVD, thus allowing me to connect my drives up into different IDE ports. That turned out to be a right configuration, and so far I've encountered no disk errors. Also, I still have one port to connect two last remaining drives up to it as I still need Linux and Windows ME.

I've only got to attach some cooling system to the video card as its temperature skyrocketed to around 170F and I immediately switched the entire system off... That is my only VIVO card :-(

Well, so far there have happened no disk errors, at least!
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I've decided not to upgrade one of my computers anymore, so I've bought a backup mobo for it (GA-6VTXE by Gigabyte). It's an old thing that supports Tualatins. It's not a lemon! And as I write up programs sometimes, I don't think I need two high-end PCs, though. If I need to execute something recent, I can always use the other high-end PC...really, why have two then?

My previous motherboard was slightly damaged by me when I was trying to set up a cooler :-( So now I have the new one, which is the same. I've just got to find out whether I have to flash it or not as I have large HDDs....
BTW, I've totally fixed the Wi-Fi network. It was the power supply that was causing the trouble!!! HA!
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My Wi-Fi network isn't stable again. I moved the computer to the kitchen and it didn't get any better. I can see my primary host, but it takes me so much time to log in! This must be a hardware problem; it has nothing to do with electromagnetic inteference, I believe. I need to take the card out and check it out after it's got installed into another PC. Damn, it's tiresome!
Well, at least I will not have to move the case around. Besides, I haven't really got around to.
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Two days ago I bought a cheap Wi-Fi card and finally got rid of the old Ethernet cable. It took me some time to get the way it works, but now the network is in full working order. I have also encrypted the data stream (first I used the WEP protocol, but as it is not reliable enough, I switched the stuff over to WPA2 having modified the access point settings).
But I had to give up using the exclusive Wi-Fi card utility the card came with. It still said I had been using WEP instead of WPA2! Just a bug, but it disappointed me. The utility is similar to Powerstrip and helps me monitor a network connection... And it's 4 years since they made it, I wonder why they ain't updated it yet!

KAV 2010

Sep. 24th, 2009 10:14 am
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KAV 2010 looks much better! I wonder if it can be really useful when on, though. The interface has been redesigned almost thoroughly. Even the icons are new! And no bugs so far... Well, I'm currently testing it anyway ;-) It's trial.

P.S. What a sand storm!!!
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Crysis : Warhead cleared. Looks excellent. Wonder if I can get Crysis (Nomad's adventures) working properly again. I can start it up and play, but...sadly, now I hear no sound for some reasons! Maybe a different sound card is needed(this might be not true, but this is the only thought I can generate right now). I have one, but it'll
take me a lot of time to stuff it into the mobo slot. And I ain't sure of that I'll get the right result, though. Built-in AC'97 codecs were always normal; I dunno what's been going on! I wouldn't like to take my old Audigy 2 off the wardrobe and make it work again installing the drivers, etc...

Anyway, I might give it a try then whenever I have some time. So far Crytek makes good games anyway. I only wonder who put a biohazard sign on the alien container ;-) And I do like the music at the end and the rendered jungle. The stuff resembles FarCry somehow, IMHO.

Oh, and the VTOLs look great, too. What will the entire stuff be like when rendered by DX10, I wonder? Those VTOLs somehow look like the flying cars from "Back to the Future". Ah, and that's the year 2020, though.

I still cannot install my old 56K internal built-in Agere modem. Windows XP does not recognise it!

Finishing another fanfic on McLeod's. Oh, how time flies!
I wish I could post more often, though.

Oh, I ain't slept for nearly 20 hours. And not the slightest wish to sleep. I wonder why? Probably I'm just used to long periods of being awake. Anyway, I just can't go to bed right now - I've got something on physics to figure it out...


Jul. 7th, 2009 05:59 am
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Sometimes I wish I had a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Yesterday I had to transfer a very big file(~8GB, AFAIR) from one of my PCs to another and it took me nearly an hour to do that ! I have only a 100mb connection and only 100mb network cards, though...
It's getting cold in here. It was only fifteen above zero in the afternoon. And they said it would get even colder at night..every night for the next few days, AFAIR! I like when it's really hot , e.g. forty above zero. I also enjoy sunbathing!

UPD: At least it was sunny today...
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I'm buying a notebook. I'm tired of reading my books on maths, physics, and IT from the screen of my home PC. Of course I do have plain textbooks (there are lots of them in the dresser and some of them have been kept in there by me since I left school... OMG, how time flies!), some of them I still use to do my home work (mathematical analysis, etc...) lots of problems!

Then why not computerise all the stuff?

Well, I also mean that there are good books on programming languages, maths, physics, there are also just different novels and such books can't be bought in shops, so many people have to read them online and it's pretty uncomfortable to read them being in the room looking at the monitor all the time, browsing the pages and so on. The internet connection is not always OK either. It might be slow or even broken, though. IMHO, It's much, much better to copy all the stuff from the web and read them afterwards being in the kitchen, for example, or lying on a bed...whatever! I mean it. Besides, there are some computer programs that can be used, written, and/or debugged the same way. As for me, I will definitely need to run my creations to check them out. What if they're not operational? Program debugging seems easier when notebooking, too! In short, it's really cool that there's a way to avoid corrupting oneself and the eyes!

I've found a notebook that almost suits me. It's an Asus(I wanted to buy an Acer, but found this one later)... The communication ports exceed my expectations. So many at such a low price! I thought it'd be around 1500$ or something! Unfortunately, there's no IrDA port installed and there's no Blu-Ray drive in it either(I also wish it had a COM-port and an LPT-port, though... but this seems to be a USB epoch). But I've already checked the IrDA connection and the speed is so low. Bluetooth is much faster, so may be I don't need an IrDA port at all? I also like to play different games that can be launched only under DOS, and they're also Sound-Blaster compatible. I have a Sound Blaster card in my desktop PC, but if I want to play them not using my desktop, I'll have to buy an external sound card by Creative then... Hope they're still for the standard. At least, my current Audigy card does support it!

The other features seem all right to me except for that it doesn't have an L-shaped Enter key and has Windows Vista pre-installed(I hate this OS; hope Windows 7 will turn out to be different)... Unfortunately, it's some sort of trend now, and I don't like it. Maybe I'll even manage to find a better buy(I ain't about to stop because I don't know what screen matrix this one has), but so far I have to admit that this one is cheap enough(unfortunately, ASUS, which is my fav, produces so expensive ones!). And it has an NVidia video card (I don't like Intel GPUs... I still remember i740)!

Oh..I wish it had an FDD and an IrDA port anyway. I still have a lot of diskettes. No wonder -I still remember DOS and dial-up modems... And I still keep my Courier V.Everything in a drawer...

So I'm _probably_ buying this state-of-the art machine this winter, Asus X61SV.

P.S. Australia 0 : 0 Qatar - The Socceroos have qualified for the 2010 World Cup !!!!!! :-)))


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