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I feel scared. It's so dark here. I have no friends and no one to talk to. I'm eating wafers and drinking tea... I really dunno what I should write about. This sense of being alone and scared... Well, I can't express what it is like, nor can I describe it... It's just as if I were somewhere in space being millions of light years away from everyone.
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I've cooked some chow, am eating and contemplating... Thanks goodness, the bugs are gone and the system is quite stable ( I wonder how long it's going to be that way, he he ). I'm simultaneously browsing the web (looking for weather reports) , they - I mean the CNN - said the weather would be bad , wonder if it'll come true. I've never believed forecasters (oh no, I'm wrong , I sometimes believe them if I'm in the mood, ha ha ). Oh, the stuff has gone the wrong way. What was I going to write about? Ah. I've calmed down a bit, though the weather keeps on irritating me ( I could have stumbled in the street yesterday because it was slippery on what I had stepped before ). I'm alone and there's no one to talk toI like my real friend who always supported and cheered me up when I was blue... I very much respect her!

I have also recently cleared Half-life 2 : Episode One. The final train crash is awesome.

What a mess message. So many things have been mixed up. I have recalled almost everything and almost everyone. Anyway, the web doesn't seem to have objected... ;-) It can abide everything. A whole new world with its own laws... as if it was our real world.
I am going to take up studying again after I wake up. I must... I have to... It's so important...


Dec. 8th, 2007 06:45 pm
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I'm drinking juice and am trying to cope with this sense... I'm scared a bit.
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Just set the brightness of the monitor to the max and typing in the message... Nothing to do and no one to talk to... Yesterday I was in where I used to walk when I was a child in the 90s.. Great memories. I wish I could bring back the wonderful decade and fix something wrong, something that should have gone a different way. What does the future hold for me? Anyone can tell me when, where and how I will end up? Will I actually realise what I conceived?

It's so hard and complicated, but I don't want to put it off. I do know how it may result then.


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