DHCP is on!

Jul. 8th, 2012 10:02 pm
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Finally! No manual IP assigning anymore! I've finally managed to get around to that!
Shame on me ;-)


Feb. 20th, 2012 07:20 am
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I was about to buy two Wi-Fi cards that support Windows 95 (I often experiment with old systems installing them onto desktop computers). I opened the site and found out they had got sold
:-((( They were the only ones I was able to find to work in Windows 95/98 (most new cards are made for Windows 7). I'd also like to get them to test them out in Linux. Gonna keep on waiting till they get on sale again.
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My Wi-Fi network isn't stable again. I moved the computer to the kitchen and it didn't get any better. I can see my primary host, but it takes me so much time to log in! This must be a hardware problem; it has nothing to do with electromagnetic inteference, I believe. I need to take the card out and check it out after it's got installed into another PC. Damn, it's tiresome!
Well, at least I will not have to move the case around. Besides, I haven't really got around to.
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Two days ago I bought a cheap Wi-Fi card and finally got rid of the old Ethernet cable. It took me some time to get the way it works, but now the network is in full working order. I have also encrypted the data stream (first I used the WEP protocol, but as it is not reliable enough, I switched the stuff over to WPA2 having modified the access point settings).
But I had to give up using the exclusive Wi-Fi card utility the card came with. It still said I had been using WEP instead of WPA2! Just a bug, but it disappointed me. The utility is similar to Powerstrip and helps me monitor a network connection... And it's 4 years since they made it, I wonder why they ain't updated it yet!


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