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Crysis : Warhead cleared. Looks excellent. Wonder if I can get Crysis (Nomad's adventures) working properly again. I can start it up and play, but...sadly, now I hear no sound for some reasons! Maybe a different sound card is needed(this might be not true, but this is the only thought I can generate right now). I have one, but it'll
take me a lot of time to stuff it into the mobo slot. And I ain't sure of that I'll get the right result, though. Built-in AC'97 codecs were always normal; I dunno what's been going on! I wouldn't like to take my old Audigy 2 off the wardrobe and make it work again installing the drivers, etc...

Anyway, I might give it a try then whenever I have some time. So far Crytek makes good games anyway. I only wonder who put a biohazard sign on the alien container ;-) And I do like the music at the end and the rendered jungle. The stuff resembles FarCry somehow, IMHO.

Oh, and the VTOLs look great, too. What will the entire stuff be like when rendered by DX10, I wonder? Those VTOLs somehow look like the flying cars from "Back to the Future". Ah, and that's the year 2020, though.

I still cannot install my old 56K internal built-in Agere modem. Windows XP does not recognise it!

Finishing another fanfic on McLeod's. Oh, how time flies!
I wish I could post more often, though.

Oh, I ain't slept for nearly 20 hours. And not the slightest wish to sleep. I wonder why? Probably I'm just used to long periods of being awake. Anyway, I just can't go to bed right now - I've got something on physics to figure it out...
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Just got Crysis and the add-on. It doesn't look bad, though, but compared to Far Cry (I've recently seen the movie, by the way) it even looks outdated, although it was released last year! And no extra features but the multi-functional nanoskeleton. Damn. Is the gaming industry really in some kind of recession as well? The plot is rather weird - how can N.Korea become a superpower by 2020? ;-) And it doesn't run smoothly on my PC, which is bad. The system requirements are way too high, I even heard people talk about some Crysis-eligibility if mentioning a config when discussing it somewhere, i.e. "Will it run Crysis"? Wow.

Anyway, I like the intro music. Just copied it into my mobile. And I've put it on typing this
message ;-) The gameplay is relatively alright, so the entire stuff will probably do....

My kettle has broken down. I like to drink cocoa and sometimes tea when solving problems on maths and physics (my apartment looks towards the sun and it's quite hot in the room when so!). We will probably buy a new kettle shortly, maybe even tomorrow.

Well, gotta go to re-read my assignment on maths again to memorise it well enough. Oh, I wish I could take a long, long rest sometime...


Mar. 19th, 2008 01:56 am
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I'm so tired of it that I won't last on long. I'll probably go to bed earlier than usual. Don't wanna to stay up that long anymore! I am too overwhelmed today.
At least I found the book I had wanted to buy. When I got in, it caught my eye almost immediately. Tomorrow... I will get a look through it tomorrow... after I have got back home. I know I shouldn't have stayed up yesterday, but I couldn't help it. 4 hours of sleep a day ain't good.
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I have completed studying of my physics textbook. I've got to solve all those assignment that are on the last pages anyway. I've also got to solve those which are in other exam books that I bought. This annoys me, but I've got to get ready for everything that might turn up at the forthcoming exam (and the very thought of it frightens me, coz it's so tough!!! I'm not even sure that I'll get through, though I have certainly got around to all that physics/maths stuff!). Anyway, I'm just going to start doing these after I have got back.
I wish I had been brought up differently.


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