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The 3DMark 05 result of my new video card is 8110... Well, I dunno whether it's high enough, because I haven't overclocked it yet ( it had been overclocked by Foxconn, though, AFAIK). I actually dunno what my card is capable of. I think I need to test it again in 3DMark 06 because that's a newer test. I saw the pictures and was disappointed - they actually didn't change anything, they only changed some settings! Hmm...

Oh, after working for a week my computer started to pop up messages like "This is not Win32 valid application". But I can start up Doom 3 and other games for some reason while I can't install a new firewall into my system! How weird it is! And what's that all about? They say I need to switch over to Windows ME because that error is quite widespread, but I don't want to -I won't be able to start up most of the modern stuff if I do, and most video cards have only Windows XP/Vista drivers, so this option is quite unrealisable anyway... I dunno what to do, maybe someone can help? I don't want to shred my OS because I'll lose all my personal stuff and settings if I do... Windows XP is reliable enough anyway, I don't want to re-install it thus having destroyed all my settings. There must be some way out!
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At last I've got it... the old one produced squeaking whenever I started CoD 2 , for example...and I did get the BSOD many times... It was a 400W power supply , marked as "Golden Power"... Maybe it's suitable for an office computer , but not for my configuration (I have the following stuff:Intel E4400/2GB/380GB+400GB/Leadtek GeForce 7800GS 256MB GDDR3/DVD Nec 4571...oh, two case fans in addition to a CPU fan and a video fan)... Probably the old power supply had even been damaged, I think so, at least, because I even had to replace the old socket due to a power failure... Now I have a 500W power supply by Thermaltake.

Anyway, I still experience the following problems when working on my current config:
When I try to send a big file over the network working under my Windows XP(and whenever I make my HDD work very long), it just stops working in a few minutes. I see the pointer of the mouse and the desktop, but the stuff doesn't respond, so I have to restart the stuff... The same thing happens whenever I talk to someone over Skype - in a while they say they can't hear me and it just drops. Other network computers never experience that, so I figure it might be an HDD problem (my current computer used to start up very slowly till I plugged the primary hard disc cable into a different IDE connector ( thus, my DVD drive and my HDD both have got to be on different ports now). But I still can't talk over a webcamera, nor can I talk over a mike, and I can't send anything like a sizable video or something over my network...

What do I do?


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