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Luckily, it's over.
I had a fever and a toothache. My temperature was 38.9! I remember getting up at 6 a.m and then I suddenly felt sick by midday. But the next day I got up being safe and sound, so my system is alright now!!! :-) Well, I nearly always get recovered fast and I also seldom get sick. I don't even cough any longer! Frankly speaking, I don't even pay attention to that - I always keep studying and it doesn't matter whether I am well or not... I am tired, but can't drop out of this. I clearly get this.
Strictly talking about my health, the only thing that really can force me to refrain (temporarily) from my endless problems is the toothache. This time I ate up so many painkillers that an extra pack was bought later. It felt as if something had been crawling inside the left cheek. Hope this won't happen again!

Oh, and I need an extra pen.
Wish I could post into LJ more often!
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I've got a sore throat. It's not some kind of cold because my temperature is normal and I feel all right. It just hurts on the inside, that's all...

My lower gum swelled again some days ago and I felt so uncomfortable as I had nearly run out of those painkillers... Now the swelling is gone.

Currently I'm doing my home work (lots of geometry, maths and physics as usual...). I'm so glad that I don't have a toothache, though. I remember me once running around the apartment and screaming loudly from that pain. I also had a fever and a headache (and I didn't sleep for two days then either).
Then I looked in the mirror and couldn't recognise myself - my face was grey...
The tooth that hurt is already not active, though. It won't trouble me any longer.

I've got so much to do!
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I can't stand up fast, I can't run (I can only walk), I can't bend over something. I don't know what's going on; that's probably a strain. I can move my shoulder, but cannot lie down, so I slept only 3 hours today... I was hardly able to pick up a sweet lying on the floor... It seems to me sometimes that I am over 60 :-\

Besides, my temperature is 37.5. I am a bit hot. What a mishap :-(

I can't believe that some years ago I scored goals and was quite a stable goalie...


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