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Luckily, it's over.
I had a fever and a toothache. My temperature was 38.9! I remember getting up at 6 a.m and then I suddenly felt sick by midday. But the next day I got up being safe and sound, so my system is alright now!!! :-) Well, I nearly always get recovered fast and I also seldom get sick. I don't even cough any longer! Frankly speaking, I don't even pay attention to that - I always keep studying and it doesn't matter whether I am well or not... I am tired, but can't drop out of this. I clearly get this.
Strictly talking about my health, the only thing that really can force me to refrain (temporarily) from my endless problems is the toothache. This time I ate up so many painkillers that an extra pack was bought later. It felt as if something had been crawling inside the left cheek. Hope this won't happen again!

Oh, and I need an extra pen.
Wish I could post into LJ more often!


Aug. 2nd, 2008 09:14 pm
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I've got a slight headache. I wonder where it came from - I did nearly nothing and am not tired !
I wanted to take up my studies, but looks like I'll have to have a rest instead.

Uni again.

Jul. 10th, 2008 03:58 pm
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I can't memorise information that fast!!! It's even beyond my imagination!!! I wish I already worked ! Once I've got what I want, I'll never get interested in that branch...field...well, whatever... of science!!! It's too hard!!! Who thought that out???

P.S. I even don't sleep long enough :-(((((
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I've learnt too much lately. I'm so tired now because it's entirely for uni and I feel I won't be able to handle any negative result, should it really take place. Perhaps my efforts will pay off, perhaps they won't. This indefiniteness annoys me.

I'm way too exhausted!!!!!!

The burden of living in the 21st century is too unbearable!
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I really like some of them! I feel I should memorise one which could be my favourite. "Do you think I do not know?" is certainly a good one. Of course that Australia is part of the past already and belongs to it thoroughly... But it's sometimes nice to delve into the past and be far away from the modern volatile world...
I wish I had been born earlier, that's for sure. No education, no need to work unless one wants to eat ( and that's very good, that's even just!). Isn't that a dream of everyone? :-)))


May. 14th, 2008 07:21 am
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Finally I've caught my breath - I'm preparing for exams, just solved all problems of one more unit! I wish I could get my bike repaired to get cooled off in the evenings riding along the streets after all these trig/higher maths problems... I can't back out of it anyway - I've really got to toil to behold my big time ;-) Oh, hope I'll get the desired result. I feel I deserve a good one.
My previous mode of life is so far away from me now. I would like to know where I'm heading. Every so often I recall my former classmates. I've even seen some of them since then. I try to avoid some of them, because they despised me for my wish to get a good job after uni graduation. I wonder why? Anyway, they can't do any damage to me anymore. I remember them beating me when in school... It was really nasty and horrible. By the way, those who were normal people, who wanted to study well, who never harmed others, became really good, i.e. they have achieved something. A real law of life maybe and a confirmation? Treat others as you would like to be treated? Hmm...
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I'm much better today. No coughing, at least... The temperature is gone, and that's cool! I haven't had a fever for around 11 years, though, I knew it wouldn't develop into something really troublesome anyway, but it did cause some trouble for me as I sneezed and coughed nearly every hour yesterday... Getting down to business anyway. I'm going shopping in a while...gotta buy rolls and buns and some tea to make it afterwards. Then after I've had my meals(I'm not full yet), I'll get back to studying again...
I have put a video of the national anthem on and am trying to sing along... :-) It's quite funny :-)
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Looks like my printer is way too obsolete! I went to a local shop to buy printing cartridges for it, but I had to buy a new printer instead... Now it's HP Deskjet 2460. The resolution is much higher (4800x1200 to 600x600), so the pictures that I printed out were so sharp. Two cartridges were bundled (I have to buy a photo one separately). I have printed some Google maps ( some people asked me to).

I have also purchased two rechargeable batteries. I am really tired of buying new alkaline ones for each remote(I did buy a charger last year, though), so I'll buy new Ni-MH ones soon... Am going to grab a new surge protector in the evening because I really don't like these multufunctional socket adapters... Hope it'll work out for me. The protector is rather cheap, so I won't suffer from spending much cash... ;-)

Getting down to studying again. :-( I got up unusually early today, and that's weird.
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Looks like I should study maths, not physics, because I've found out that my forthcoming exams will be mostly about maths... So I'm slightly reversing my studying trend. Of course I'm not going to stop studying physics and programming... But I shouldn't forget how to solve math problems either.
Besides, I've recently discovered a new type of food: rolls and buns! Rolls with jam filling are awesome to eat :-)
I'm eating now and listening to a soundtrack of Simcity 3000. I heard it in the year 1999 for the first time. These soundtracks remind me of my previous life...
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I have been so tired lately. And I know that people work and study simultaneously. I wonder how they can bear that, I couldn't if it was up to me!
Want to go working after uni, tired of unskilled jobs and don't like them. However, I wouldn't like to work as an IT-worker either, but I will have to for a while.
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I've learnt another textbook on physics. I'm going to start solving the problems now. I've only got to review the previous one lest I might forget what I learnt browsing it. I am, however, displeased a bit, because I should have finished learning all the stuff the day before yesterday. I feel I should work much harder, hope my brain won't explode ;-)


Mar. 19th, 2008 01:56 am
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I'm so tired of it that I won't last on long. I'll probably go to bed earlier than usual. Don't wanna to stay up that long anymore! I am too overwhelmed today.
At least I found the book I had wanted to buy. When I got in, it caught my eye almost immediately. Tomorrow... I will get a look through it tomorrow... after I have got back home. I know I shouldn't have stayed up yesterday, but I couldn't help it. 4 hours of sleep a day ain't good.
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I went round the shops to find the textbook I had wanted to buy, but found nothing! Where is it, I wonder??? It is necessary I buy it, I certainly need it during my uni grinding... Looks like I'll have to order it on the web... well, they do charge much for delivery, and this is really BAD. I myself could go shopping and grab it afterwards!
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I have completed studying of my physics textbook. I've got to solve all those assignment that are on the last pages anyway. I've also got to solve those which are in other exam books that I bought. This annoys me, but I've got to get ready for everything that might turn up at the forthcoming exam (and the very thought of it frightens me, coz it's so tough!!! I'm not even sure that I'll get through, though I have certainly got around to all that physics/maths stuff!). Anyway, I'm just going to start doing these after I have got back.
I wish I had been brought up differently.


Dec. 18th, 2007 02:10 pm
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I don't even know what I should write about... I've started up a film, am watching it now and eating. What has happened these days is tough... Who could predict this to happen anyway? At least I have someone to live for and something to reach... I've just finished studying another chapter on maths - it wasn't difficult at all ! I thought it would prove to be much more difficult, though. I'll be out there - that's why I'm doing my best studying... Master's degree down under... YEAH! Hope I'll realise my dream coz it's tough ... They say I've got to force myself to... It's as though I couldn't ! Right now I need resting anyway... post here later!


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