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Just got Crysis and the add-on. It doesn't look bad, though, but compared to Far Cry (I've recently seen the movie, by the way) it even looks outdated, although it was released last year! And no extra features but the multi-functional nanoskeleton. Damn. Is the gaming industry really in some kind of recession as well? The plot is rather weird - how can N.Korea become a superpower by 2020? ;-) And it doesn't run smoothly on my PC, which is bad. The system requirements are way too high, I even heard people talk about some Crysis-eligibility if mentioning a config when discussing it somewhere, i.e. "Will it run Crysis"? Wow.

Anyway, I like the intro music. Just copied it into my mobile. And I've put it on typing this
message ;-) The gameplay is relatively alright, so the entire stuff will probably do....

My kettle has broken down. I like to drink cocoa and sometimes tea when solving problems on maths and physics (my apartment looks towards the sun and it's quite hot in the room when so!). We will probably buy a new kettle shortly, maybe even tomorrow.

Well, gotta go to re-read my assignment on maths again to memorise it well enough. Oh, I wish I could take a long, long rest sometime...


Mar. 8th, 2009 07:21 am
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Some days ago I got a new calculator ( I don't want to switch my PC on every time I need to get the result of a calculation, though), so I had made up my mind to buy one. Sadly, it ain't programmable, but I think I don't need that feature so far. Anyway, I can get a programmable one afterwards.
So I've purchased a Casio. I was surprised - even plain calculators have changed a lot since the 80s! So many functions to calculate virtually everything... I even experimented - I tried to raise 2 to the power of 1000000, i.e. 1x10^6. The stuff said "Math error". I tried to figure out what happened. Then I realised that the greatest number it can display is the greatest number that I personally know: it's 10^100, and written in the user guide! So that's why it kept on saying "Math error"... Well, it was able to raise 2 to the power of 100, though - it displayed "1.12676506x10^30". If I am not mistaken, that's approximately the mass of the Sun...
Oh, the calculator is able to solve integrals, vectors and complex numbers too, which is great, because I'll be able to use it later doing my home work on higher mathematics and analytical geometry, for example...

Uni again.

Jul. 10th, 2008 03:58 pm
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I can't memorise information that fast!!! It's even beyond my imagination!!! I wish I already worked ! Once I've got what I want, I'll never get interested in that branch...field...well, whatever... of science!!! It's too hard!!! Who thought that out???

P.S. I even don't sleep long enough :-(((((
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Looks like I should study maths, not physics, because I've found out that my forthcoming exams will be mostly about maths... So I'm slightly reversing my studying trend. Of course I'm not going to stop studying physics and programming... But I shouldn't forget how to solve math problems either.
Besides, I've recently discovered a new type of food: rolls and buns! Rolls with jam filling are awesome to eat :-)
I'm eating now and listening to a soundtrack of Simcity 3000. I heard it in the year 1999 for the first time. These soundtracks remind me of my previous life...
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I've learnt another textbook on physics. I'm going to start solving the problems now. I've only got to review the previous one lest I might forget what I learnt browsing it. I am, however, displeased a bit, because I should have finished learning all the stuff the day before yesterday. I feel I should work much harder, hope my brain won't explode ;-)
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I went round the shops to find the textbook I had wanted to buy, but found nothing! Where is it, I wonder??? It is necessary I buy it, I certainly need it during my uni grinding... Looks like I'll have to order it on the web... well, they do charge much for delivery, and this is really BAD. I myself could go shopping and grab it afterwards!


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