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I'm buying a notebook. I'm tired of reading my books on maths, physics, and IT from the screen of my home PC. Of course I do have plain textbooks (there are lots of them in the dresser and some of them have been kept in there by me since I left school... OMG, how time flies!), some of them I still use to do my home work (mathematical analysis, etc...) lots of problems!

Then why not computerise all the stuff?

Well, I also mean that there are good books on programming languages, maths, physics, there are also just different novels and such books can't be bought in shops, so many people have to read them online and it's pretty uncomfortable to read them being in the room looking at the monitor all the time, browsing the pages and so on. The internet connection is not always OK either. It might be slow or even broken, though. IMHO, It's much, much better to copy all the stuff from the web and read them afterwards being in the kitchen, for example, or lying on a bed...whatever! I mean it. Besides, there are some computer programs that can be used, written, and/or debugged the same way. As for me, I will definitely need to run my creations to check them out. What if they're not operational? Program debugging seems easier when notebooking, too! In short, it's really cool that there's a way to avoid corrupting oneself and the eyes!

I've found a notebook that almost suits me. It's an Asus(I wanted to buy an Acer, but found this one later)... The communication ports exceed my expectations. So many at such a low price! I thought it'd be around 1500$ or something! Unfortunately, there's no IrDA port installed and there's no Blu-Ray drive in it either(I also wish it had a COM-port and an LPT-port, though... but this seems to be a USB epoch). But I've already checked the IrDA connection and the speed is so low. Bluetooth is much faster, so may be I don't need an IrDA port at all? I also like to play different games that can be launched only under DOS, and they're also Sound-Blaster compatible. I have a Sound Blaster card in my desktop PC, but if I want to play them not using my desktop, I'll have to buy an external sound card by Creative then... Hope they're still for the standard. At least, my current Audigy card does support it!

The other features seem all right to me except for that it doesn't have an L-shaped Enter key and has Windows Vista pre-installed(I hate this OS; hope Windows 7 will turn out to be different)... Unfortunately, it's some sort of trend now, and I don't like it. Maybe I'll even manage to find a better buy(I ain't about to stop because I don't know what screen matrix this one has), but so far I have to admit that this one is cheap enough(unfortunately, ASUS, which is my fav, produces so expensive ones!). And it has an NVidia video card (I don't like Intel GPUs... I still remember i740)!

Oh..I wish it had an FDD and an IrDA port anyway. I still have a lot of diskettes. No wonder -I still remember DOS and dial-up modems... And I still keep my Courier V.Everything in a drawer...

So I'm _probably_ buying this state-of-the art machine this winter, Asus X61SV.

P.S. Australia 0 : 0 Qatar - The Socceroos have qualified for the 2010 World Cup !!!!!! :-)))


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