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where are you? I've been poking round the shops to find you for MONTHS! Just really need one to download the data about my outback friend(I love her) from my old mobile into the new smartphone!!! As the IRDA port of the old one is broken down and there's no Bluetooth embedded either, I've really got to find you at last!!! Well, I may need to use the cable in the future anyway, as not every mobile has the modern stuff :-(
Well, I'm relatively glad that I have fixed my computer at last. I might need to attach an extra fan to somewhere in the case, as it's hottish in my room - it's thirty above zero! Maintaining three PCs ain't easy, though. What if I start to work keeping up tens of computers which will be networked accordingly!? Wow! But that's the work experience I need.
Anyway, it's weekend and I'm going to search the shops again for the cable I need. Unfortunately, they offer only USB cables and I have plenty of those. Oh, and I really need to do something with the UTP cables that are lying around the floor. I even coulda tripped over them once. I think I'll fit them into the wardrobe ASAP. It's already nearly full of mobos and videocards and power supplies, though. So much stuff. Maybe I'd sell something? But who will buy them - they're obsolete.
Well, anyway, there's much to do today!


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