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My entire system has got screwed up... Every time I launch a program, I get a message like the following one: "XXX needs to close". Looks like I've got to reinstall the OS... anyone knows how long it will take me to get all the stuff sorted out, though? I can't start my messengers (luckily I've recently got Skype working...something to be glad at these days.... ) , and MSN isn't working well enough... I even had to pull down the OS on the computer of the daughter of my sister because it didn't want to work with the optical mouse that I bought... And working with the old non-optical mouse is some sort of being tormented ! I've installed Windows Vista x64 out there and am looking for proper drivers and programs to make it work the way I want as the old ones aren't suitable (esp. WinRAR, which damaged the system so that I had to install it over again). Most of the games have been reinstalled and seem to be functioning well... though some still don't want to be played. When the hell will I get MY system working??? Wish I had the time to do that, but I have so much to study and learn !!!


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